Luce Reins Training - Traveling Horse Training since 2011
Luce Reins Training consists of natural horsemanship techniques that promote a strong relationship and produce quality results.

Natural horsemanship is a modernized science of training horses through the use of natural communication techniques derived from wild horse observation.  Through these scientific observations, modernized training techniques have been discovered and utilized in order to build a partnership that closely resembles the relationships that exist between horses.

   ***Luce Reins Training is a traveling training service.  We travel to customers' locations for training.  A third-party facility is available for boarding/training packages with Luce Reins Training.  Please call for more information.  Training tools, horse tack, and other needed equipment is provided by Luce Reins Training.***
Trainer requires a round pen or square riding pen at least 40 ft. diameter. This is a necessity for safe and effective training environment for the horse and the trainer.
Luce Reins Training has the right to reject services if the owner doesn't provide a safe training environment.
Types of Training available:
  • Weanling Training
  • Yearling Training
  • Starting Under Saddle ("breaking to ride")
  • Behavioral Modification/Cooperation (Problem Solving)
  • Tune Ups
  • Riding Lessons (currently with customer's horse only)
  • Western Pleasure (Beginning- Intermediate)
  • Trail Course
  • Desensitizing
  • Trailer Loading
  • Horse/Owner Teamwork Building
    *Luce Reins Training encourages owner interaction during the training process!  This helps to build the horse/owner relationship!
  • Driving
  • Haunches-in
  • Side pass/half pass
  • Shoulder control
Luce Reins Training trains horses for everyday use, dependability, and safety.  Just like us, horses are unique and individual.  Therefore, Luce Reins Training does not use an "assembly line" method of training.  Each horse will receive custom training that is tailored to their own individual needs and goals.
Please call 817-739-5025 or email me for questions.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
Q1) Are the testimonials displayed on your website written by real customers?
A) Yes, the testimonials were written by real satisfied customers..
Q2) Do you work will all breeds?
A) Yes. Luce Reins Training works with all different types of horses/ponies.
Q3) How long do you work with each horse?
A) I work with each horse as long as needed. I do not charge hourly, just daily and per animal.
Q4) Do you video tape each training session?
A) Video recording can be provide, but only upon request.
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