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Lizzy standing on my bridge with pinwheels spinning around herLizzy - SOLD

Mare just completed three months of professional horse training. 

Lizzy is a very sweet and loving mare! She is 13 years old and is 13'2 hands tall. Lizzy is a very solid built mare and a great trail riding partner. She has FANTASTIC draft feet and is a VERY smooth riding horse! Great walk/trot bareback and feels like sitting on a squishy couch!

She would be best for a rider who is looking for personality and a strong bond, because this mare is on the lazy side and loves being a chunky girl! Once this mare is bonded to you, though, she will call out when she sees your face and come when called!

Lizzy isn't spooky and loves the trails. We ride her on our 10 acres up by the frontage road every week! I have taught her to ground drive, and she would make a great carriage horse. However, we don't have the knowledge (or cart) to continue her education. 

Lizzy is: Great for farrier, ties, loads in a trailer, rides on the trails, obstacles, grooms, ground drives, accepts fly spray, great for the vet, saddles, bridles, lounges on a line and join-up in the round pen, and bathes. She is a VERY easy keeper. I am riding her in an English saddle, with the easy change gullet system to fit her body type, and a snaffle or bosal. She can be worked in whichever bit you prefer. I give lessons to a 12 year old student who is confident at walk, trot on Lizzy. 

She would do really well with a women or teen/pre-teen who is confident. I have also lead my niece and nephews on her ages 11,8,6,4, and 2 with a side walker.

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Lizzy on the trail (saddle up and go)
Lizzy is a haflinger mare for sale age 13. More information at www.lucereinstraining.comVideo take 6/18/2017

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Lizzy- Haflinger Mare for Sale
Lizzy is a 13 yr old haflinger mare for sale. Please visit for more information

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