Luce Reins Training & Ranch  - "Knock, and the door shall open". Passionate since 1994
Lara has been working with horses for over 20 years and is the owner and operator of Luce Reins Training. She graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a bachelors degree in Animal Science and minor in Equine Science. Lara uses horsemanship and a collection of various techniques that she has developed through years of experience. Her theories are proven by a wide array of established trainers, such as John Lyons, and her methods come from years of passion and commitment.  Her goal is to creating a safe, comfortable, and confident ride. Safety is always the number one goal and she does not use abusive techniques to achieve goals.  Lara also trains beginner to advanced western pleasure, trail course, and is familiar with gaited horses. She is a patient riding instructor that promotes confidence in her riders and instills in them a wonderful feeling of accomplishment .


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