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Integrity, knowledge and passion, this is what you will get at Luce Rein Training from Lara.  I purchased an ex-reining horse Lexy and from the beginning it seemed that her previous trainers techniques may have had the tendency to be very direct one might say.  Lara made the 40 mile drive to my house to help me evaluate the whole situation.  Was it me, the tack I was using, or just a communication problem.  It was clear Lexy had skills and training but she seemed to always be fearful of making a mistake and then getting some type of reprimand.  I had been riding Lexy but head way was slow.  So I hired Lara to put 30 days of consistence natural horsemanship training on Lexy in order to help moving in a positive direction.  WOW.  30 days later I had a new horse.  Lara’s consistency and patients paid off.  A lot of daily ground work, desensitizing and riding exercises and Lexy was still attentive but now calm and a joy to ride.  As they say wet saddle pads and good trainers make good horses.  In fact it went so well, I sent a 2 horse to Lara.  Big O, he is just the opposite of Lexy.   Big O is a 15 hand Tennessee walker that was dull to any commands.  He had one gear and that was forward and at very fast gaited walk or a canter.  He would hold the bit, straighten up and go.  Asking him to back up was declaring war and a fight to the finish.  30 days later he has a great stop.  He understands backing up and he will even neck rein to some degree.  One of the biggest things that Lara was insistent on was to come ride Lexy and Big O before they returned home.  She spent quality time with us so we understood the tactics and commands she used during training to help insure everything stayed moving forward once we returned home.  It can takes years to finish a horse, but the 30 days my horses spend with Lara made tremendous head way. 
Our many thanks

Ronnie and Jody Cagle (August 2018)

Lara is an awesome and dedicated horse trainer and handler.  She has been tremendous help with training our horse, "Candi."  

Candi is 8 years old and was having difficulty when we rode her.  I contacted Lara for help and she knew exactly what to do.  After the first lesson, Candi was much improved.  Lara continued to work with Candi and we immediately saw progress after each structured lesson.  

I would highly recommend Lara's services to friends and family.  Lara is someone you can trust and a true professional who provides compassionate and focused horse training.  My only regret is that I did not hire her sooner!      

We will definitely use her services again.  

Many thanks,


James and Cindy Coronado (July 2018)
Royse City, Texas   

“We are very pleased with the training and care we received for our yearlling Dakota at Luce Reins Training.  Loved getting the frequent updates on how he was doing and our weekly visits where Lara showed us everything he had learned that week.  Dakota now knows how to load nicely into a trailor and unload, how to stand nicely to be groomed , how to pick up his feet for cleaning and farrier. He has been desensitized to all kinds of things including noises, tarps on his back , fly spray, clippers, whips flying around his head , horse blankets, even a saddle with girth around his belly. Lara taught him everything we asked her to and much more! Even got him socialized with other horses while he was there, and that was big! We are very pleased with the work she did with him and hope to send him back when he is ready to ride! 

Thanks alot for all your help. Lara!

The Fredrickson family.” (July 2018)

          “Lara is fantastic and we are so grateful to have found her! We brought her three-year-old Sophie, who was given to us as an unbroken two-year-old with no training and some behavioral issues. Lara is like a horse whisperer. She took the time to get to know Sophie and understand her personality and needs. We were amazed to watch the progress over time. Lara is extremely knowledgeable, and shared so much of that knowledge and instruction with us. It's so easy to see how much she loves horses and loves what she does. She provided weekly updates on Sophie's training and care, and always welcomed our visits to Luce Reins. She's one of the nicest people you'll ever know. Thanks to Lara, we now have one of the best riding horses ever in Sophie. We recommend Luce Reins without hesitation.”
Ed and Bonnie P (Frisco, TX) 2018

           "It is my pleasure to highly recommend Lara Luce both as a horse trainer and riding instructor.  Caring and compassionate to horses, she uses training techniques that are very effective and sensitive to their needs.  I took my new gelding to Lara because he was taking off with me, not responding to my commands and had poor grounds manners.  Lara immediately recognized that he had some medical issues in addition to needing a tune up.  After attending to his health issues and working with Lara for a month, he is now a different horse, more docile, respectful and responsive to commands.  I am now taking riding lessons from Lara.  She is an amazing riding instructor, teaching from the perspective of the horse.  She is very kind, patient and a great communicator, constantly teaching and always willing to discuss ways to improve the skills of both the human and the horse. During my horses stay at her ranch, she kept in contact with me, provided regular updates and was very willing for me to watch her train my horse.   As a new horse owner, I have learned more in the past four weeks from Lara than in my previous five months of horse ownership.  Kathy Teutsch" 2018

                      "We are pleased to have an opportunity to express our support for Luce Reins Training.  We have known Lara Luce for several years through the Texas A & M, Commerce Equine Facility.  We have been privileged to work with some of the horses she has trained at the college. 
Personally, she has worked with 2 of our horses at our ranch off and on over the past year.  Lara is not only dedicated to making a better horse through positive training techniques, but also improving the skills of the rider with patience and helpful pointers.  Professionally, we have referred many of our horse clients (all breeds) to Luce Reins Training and their owners have all been very pleased with the outcomes. 
Lara is a capable and responsible person.  She has exceptional abilities to communicate with your horse and you.  She is always on time, uses effective training tools, i.e. videos all training appointments, completes training of a specific task with each appointment, and above all uses safe methods with you and your horse.  Best of all she comes to your facility which keeps the stress level for you and your horse at a minimum!"
Happy trails to all of you and don’t forget about your horses health."
Bill and Penny McLendon (Commerce,TX)

                             "Lara Luce worked with my three-year old Arabian gelding, who was unbroken. This experience was a fantastic opportunity for my horse (Calypso), as well as for myself. Lara took the training at just the right pace and was able to adjust it for whatever Calypso needed and fit his needs the best. Everything was clearly explained and videotaped. Calypso responded to the training incredibly. I wouldn't change a thing about the training. Also, Lara and Kris were great people to be around and get to know."
Rachel Shallows (Rowlett, TX)

         A million thanks for all that you have done!"
Kevin, Anita and Andy.

                         "We are happy to recommend Lara Luce as a professional horse trainer. We have known her for about 8 months and have enjoyed our working relationship and our friendship with her.
We bought our horse from a friend who had only halter broke him. Lara took our 4 yr old gelding who was very head strong, and gently made him feel comfortable with her and the training methods. We could tell that he was always glad to see her on training days. Her methods of consistency and gentle persuasion have been very successful for him.She is very knowledgeable with her particular style of training and likes to explain the different techniques employed. I really enjoyed her commentary about the training and felt like I was also being educated. It is obvious to us that she really likes what she is doing, which makes it a very pleasurable experience for the owner and the horse.I would not hesitate to recommend Luce Reins Training to anyone who desires a professional horse trainer."
Co-owners of Sonny (Trenton, Tx)
Susan (Terrell, Tx)
Naomi (Royce City, TX
                    "Lara has worked with three of our horses, one of which was very high spirited and sentback to us by four other trainers.  He is still very spirited but he can be ridden now.  Lara was very gentle with the horses but had a firm hand when needed.  Lara is very dependable and always on time which means a lot to me.  You can tell that she really loves horses and loves what she does.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a horse broke or a tune up.  She will get the job done."
 Kathy &Scott C.

                "Lara has been working with our horses for quite a bit. A year? 2 years? - the time does fly (we had 4 that she worked for us but Sadie passed away). She is gentle & patient, but is not afraid to teach when necessary. She can put our horses in 'autopilot' which is really a treat! Lara is a great trainer, loving and respectful of your horse and we highly recommend her.
You will not be disappointed!"
Keith & Ann S.

                   "Lara is SUCH a fount of information! I have greatly enjoyed learning from her and appreciate her candidness. I recently adopted a rescue she had met. Her recommendations and frank opinions of my mare have really helped me in expectations, handling, and introduction. I foresee a beautiful human/equine friendship based heavily on Lara's help."
Kimberly C.

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