Luce Reins Training & Ranch  - "Knock, and the door shall open". Passionate since 1994
All ages, breeds, and disciplines are accepted. 

    Ground work - catching, grooming,handling feet for the farrier, fly spray, trailer loading, standing tied, whip desensitizing , round penning, lounging, sacking-out, blanket/saddle desensitizing, bridling, flexion, rope work,  and hindquarter yielding.

    Riding-  mounting/dismounting, flexing ,hindquarters, leg cues, neck reining, side passing, collection, show training, opening/closing gates, obstacle course work, trail riding. 

    Starting Under Saddle-  Best start for performance careers 
    Recommend at least 3 months for solid results. Colts will go through extensive ground work to fix any mental,emotional issues before riding. Horses that are spooky, flighty, and otherwise potentially dangerous can take more time. Time in training depends on the horse(temperament, age, and previous handling)

    Riding lessons are available with owners horse or ours. 
    Please call or text 817-739-5025 or fill out contact us form.

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