Luce Reins Training & Ranch  - "Knock, and the door shall open". Passionate since 1994
 Luce Reins Training consists of horsemanship techniques that promote a strong relationship and produce quality results.

"My training is EXTREMELY thorough to prevent any "holes" in training and to build a solid foundation." - Lara 

Luce Reins Training trains horses for dependability, and safety.  Just like us, horses are unique and individual.  Therefore, Luce Reins Training does not use an "assembly line" method of training.  Each horse will receive custom training that is tailored to their own individual needs and goals. Horses trained by Lara Luce will be soft, responsive, light, and supple on the halter or on the bit GUARANTEED!!!
 Please call or text 817-739-5025 or fill out contact us form.
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LRT Ranch in Greenville
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